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Helen Fay

You and your guest are invited to attend a preview of this exhibition on:

Thursday 6 April, 6-8pm (Trongate 103 First Thursday)

Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery

Exhibition Runs: 7 - 30 April 2017

For many years my work has been about the beauty, dignity and character of animals. The poise and movement of animals, their behaviour and nature is an area I find endlessly fascinating. I like to think of them observing the world as I am observing them and then try to deduce what it is that they rely on to navigate their way through life. Whether it is the curiosity of a primate or the heightened senses of a hound, each and every creature has unique adaptations and behaviours, skills and strengths and these are what I try to convey in my work.


Currently I am focusing on how animals are intertwined with our domestic and family life. I want to capture moments such as a dog flopped on a chair after a long walk or watching the world whilst their owner stops for a coffee or a lazy old cat sunning itself, content in it's old age.




I still strive to pare my images down to a balanced simplicity that directs attention to the subject. Light is hugely important to the way I draw and recently, as I have started including backgrounds in my work it has become more of a consideration. My aim is to recreate a minute that could be in any time but feels recognisable and familiar."


Helen Fay has been working as a full time artist printmaker since graduating from The Royal College of Art, London (1990-1992) with an MA in Natural History Illustration.  Fay lives and works in Northumbria.


Images: At Home, etching, image size 36.5 x 53.5, paper size 50 x 65.5 cm. Sinbad, etching, image size 16.5 x 12.5cm, paper size 31 x 25 cm.



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