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You and your guest are invited to attend a preview of this exhibition on

Thursday 01 November 6-8pm (Trongate 103 First Thursday).


Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 02 November - 02 December 2018

In Thomson's works in print we detect a direct correlation between his painting and sculpture - a love of manipulating the materials that he is presented with. A true 'truth to materials' man. His ideas may seem somewhat limited to some with his heads and landscapes but they present particular problems to solve, nevertheless, they are more than mere illustration. He says, 'they're just things to hang ideas on'. Perhaps I can write down in words what he finds difficult to express verbally: they are not symbols or fetishes that are to be imbued with higher ideals, simply they are exercises in colour and texture that are to be appreciated for themselves. They are images, not symbolic icons that one can hook religious or ideological feelings on - they are images of humanity and nature. 'The thing is,' he says, 'you cannot stifle other people's imagination'.


However, I must say something technical about his latest departure into prints. By looking into his computer one can see the various stages a print develops from the original files, some drawn and painted with a particular type of software, some scanned; layering them and manipulating them with varied masks and blends.

As I've said before, the difficulty with Thomson's work is that people seem to look for what is not there - see for what it is: a tour de force in image making.

Glasgow Print Studio


Images (from top): Douglas Thomson, Washed Head, digital pigment print. Douglas Thomson, Evening Sorrows, digital pigment print.



Current exhibition

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Glasgow Print Studio


Exhibiting Artists:

Timorous Beasties, Martin Boyce, Annis Fitzhugh, Claire Forsyth, Michael Fullerton, Ilana Halperin, Jim Lambie, John Mackechnie, Scott Myles, Jim Pattison, Toby Paterson, Ciara Phillips, Carol Rhodes, Murray Robertson, Lucy Skaer, Tony Swain, Jane and Louise Wilson, Adrian Wiszniewski.


In the discipline of printmaking, innovation and utility have always fueled the development of new print methods. For this exhibition, a selected group of artists present work across processes, materials and forms which push the boundaries of printmaking.


Above: Jim Lambie, Pretty Vacant (Fluorescent Yellow), Screenprint with Gaffa tape. Printed directly on to wall and paper. Also available as a varied edition on Somerset paper.


Sourcing his material directly from the modern world, Lambie references popular culture, often drawing his subject matter from music and iconic figures. He makes use of everyday objects and materials – both as reference points and as original objects, transforming them into new sculptural forms, re-energising them and giving them with an alternative function.


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