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Featured Artist:

Diane Dawson: A Glint

Exhibition Runs: 08 - 30 March 2024
Preview: Thursday 07 March, 6-8pm

The collective nouns used to describe goldfish are a troubling or a glint.  In this new body of work, the artist shares her search for optimism and hope with images of goldfish, considering a glint as a momentary flash, or a point of realisation.


The paintings presented here are the starting point of the work. The use of colour and scale serve to bring the artist closer to the theme, with an easy connection to the glint, providing the viewer with the visual delight of a fleeting glimpse of the goldfish.


The prints are more considered and have provided the artist with several tools to explore the narrative around reflection and the perception of a glimpse.  The choice of a design aesthetic, with the introduction of absences in the negative space goldfish, invite the viewer to see relationships that lack detail but demand attention.


The overall aesthetic theme allows the audience to experience the brief occurrence, of a glint. Through materials and composition, these quick flashes and traces are captured as snapshots, providing an opportunity to stop for a moment of reflection.




About the artist:

Diane Dawson is a mid-career artist, who primarily works in painting and printmaking. Her paintings experiment with the use of scale, brushstroke, colour, shadow, and a hint of caricature, until she feels a strong emotional connection to the work and the archetypal reservoir of shared experience contained within.


Her subjects are usually creatures in environments, and the relationships that have been altered by humans. Throughout her work she finds the individual spark of personality, colour, and optimism against otherwise troubling or perplexing backgrounds.




Diane uses her paintings to find and engage with her themes and then employs the screen printing process to develop the concepts. For her, the detail and technical quality of the prints are a way of respecting the creatures and the possibilities they bring to the work, both as motifs and character actors in a fabricated narrative.


The viewer is invited to both reflect on our shared environmental responsibility and the individual spark of optimism that may be required to survive and change.


Diane is a graduate of Fine Art Painting & Printmaking from Glasgow School of Art, and since 2010, has maintained a studio practice with both WASPS and Glasgow Print Studio. Recent exhibitions include; ‘SSA 130 Years Annual Exhibition’ The Society of Scottish Artists 2022 and The Royal Scottish Academy ‘Summer Exhibition’ 2023


Images: Diane Dawson, Happenstance 1, 2024, screenprint, 45 x 45 cm, edition of 6, courtesy of the artist and Glasgow Print Studio. Diane Dawson, Happenstance 2, 2024, screenprint, 45 x 45 cm, edition of 6, courtesy of the artist and Glasgow Print Studio. Diane Dawson at work in Glasgow Print Studio.





Current Exhibtion:



A contemporary screenprint exhibition exploring themes of personal histories, portraits and identity - featuring GPS publications alongside works by invited artists.






A contemporary screenprint exhibition exploring themes of personal histories, portraits and identity - featuring GPS publications alongside works by invited artists. Curated by Claire Forsyth and Kristina Royer.


Works from the exhibition can be viewed online here.

Exhibition Runs Until 23 March 2024


Sam Ainsley, Arrange Whatever Pieces Come Your Way, Danny Augustine, Claire Barclay, John Byrne, Scott Campbell, Christian Noelle Charles, Rabiya Choudhry, Spencer Dent, HAXTON by Fraser Taylor, Rosalind Lawless, Tim Mara, Scott Myles, Nkem Okwechime, Leena Nammari, Matthew Rich and Khadija Saye.


Showcasing a wide range of screenprinting techniques, Keyline creates a dialogue between the works of printmakers working in Scotland and dealing with themes of identity, portraiture and personal histories. The term 'keyline' in screenprinting refers to a boundary line that separates colour and monochromatic areas. Keylines can be thick and bold - acting as the glue that holds a composition together. Or they can be loose or invisible - created by the edge of colour itself.


In our personal lives, the keyline could be the boundary between ourselves and the world we reside in - our skin, our home, our beliefs. It could be boundaries we are forced into - whether it be pressure to conform to gender norms or societal expectations. A keyline can be mandated - when people are relegated to certain territories - mapped out by their oppressors or by geographical boundaries.
And like all maps, the keylines in our lives are constantly being reworked, reshaped, renamed and reinterpreted.


Works from the exhibition can be viewed online here.



Image: Danny Augustine, Self Portrait, 2018, screenprint, 43 x 36 cm, edition of 6. Courtesy of the artist and Glasgow Print Studio.


About the artist:
Danny Augustine was born in 1986 and grew up in Hackney. He studied fine art at the University of East London and completed his Printmaking MA at the Royal College of Art in 2014. His work predominantly deals with ideas of identity; attempting to hold up a mirror to society's obsession with race and gender. He mainly works within the print medium but not exclusively, to quote: “I have always thought that whatever medium gets the idea across the best is what I’ll use.” His work can be seen in the Soho House collections and at Jealous Gallery. Augustine works alongside artist, Matthew Rich, at West End studio, ‘M.A.R.S Screenprinting’, specialising in limited edition works on paper.




Save The Date...






David Osbaldeston:  A Pastiche of Different Techniques

Exhibition Runs: 5th April - 25th May, 2024
Preview: 6-8pm, Thursday 4th April

Glasgow Print Studio is delighted to present A Pastiche of Different Techniques, an exhibition of new work by David Osbaldeston featuring a series of works evolved from his recent exhibition at the independent art-space Moon Grove in Manchester in 2023.


The artist will be showing two distinct bodies of work featuring new large-scale etchings alongside sequences of screen prints on linen and paper.


Responding to the legacies of conceptualism and the artist as publisher, Osbaldeston draws upon properties of objecthood and materiality using methods of collage as a medium for transmission to activate the spatial characteristics between print and sculpture.




David Osbaldeston was born in 1969 in Northampton and lives and works between Scotland and Manchester. His works are held in various public institutions including the Whitworth Art Gallery, Tate Collection and library, and the British Council Collection. He is currently Reader in Fine Art at Manchester School of Art, and was formerly lecturer in Painting and Printmaking at Glasgow School of Art. He is represented by Matt’s Gallery, London.



Images: David Osbaldeston, The Incommensurables (Believer, Sceptic) acrylic and screenprint on linen, mounted in artist’s frame. 51 x 72 cm each. 2022. Courtesy of the artist and Glasgow Print Studio.

David Osbaldeston at work on new large-scale etchings at GPS.




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Saturday 23 & Sunday 24 March 2024, 10am - 5pm

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In this two-day woodcut course, tutor Joy Bain will guide you through the process of creating a woodcut print. Using specialist woodcutting tools, you will have the opportunity to experiment with different mark-making techniques before carving your image onto a piece of Japanese plywood. After learning how to ink your woodcut, you will use the impressive Columbian eagle press to produce a small edition of prints.


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On completion of one of our beginner’s courses, students may take out a New Learner Membership, which provides three months free workshop membership* to try out their new skills before becoming a fully-fledged workshop member. Please note that you must have completed the course in full and to the satisfaction of your tutor to be eligible. In some instances, it may be necessary to undertake some additional tuition before joining. 


*Session fees apply


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