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About the Archive


The GPS Archive reflects the work published by the Studio and created by its members and associated artists since the early 1970s. The collection holds over 3,000 fine art prints and roughly 1,500 photographs, posters, catalogues and other ephemera relating to the organisation’s history. Our stores also hold a wide range of plates, blocks, sketches, films and tools related to the creation of the works in our collection. This helps us tell a richer story about printmaking and the processes that go into making each print. 

The collection is ongoing, to reflect the contemporary publication programme and work by current members, including leading Scottish contemporary artists Dame Elizabeth Blackadder, John Byrne & Ken Currie to name a few.The GPS Archive sits within a wider national context, alongside the print collections of Glasgow Museums, The Hunterian Art Gallery and the National Galleries of Scotland. 

The close connection with the workshop allows for a unique setting in which visitors can learn about fine art printmaking providing a crucial link between present day production and the history of printmaking in the West of Scotland.



Visit the Archive


Individual research visits to the GPS Archive are by appointment and will usually be arranged for Tuesdays & Wednesdays between 11am-5pm. 

Please contact the Archive Curator, Kristina Royer at at least 3 weeks prior to your desired visit date. Visitors can request up to 15 works to view - selecting from our online database: Alternatively, you can let us know which mediums, themes or artists you’re interested in looking at, and we can pull together a selection of prints for you.

For larger groups or school visits, contact Kristina with the number of people in your group, desired date(s) and information about your group or programme:

Featured artists and printmaking courses