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exhibitions & events 2019

Intaglio: In Colour

Intaglio: In Colour
Glasgow Print Studio First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 04 October - 17 November

Preview: Thursday 03 October 2019, 6pm - 8pm (Trongate 103 1st Thursday)

Exhibiting artists:

Ann Aspinwall, Tauba Auerbach, Rob Churm, William Crozier, Rohini Devasher, Rachel Duckhouse, Brian Eno, Alistair Gow, James Kennedy, Ian McNicol, Sean O’Dell, Victor Pasmore, Philip Reeves, Bronwen Sleigh

Glasgow Print Studio presents an exhibition of prints by national and international artists who use colour to explore the beautifully expressive and varied mark-making techniques of intaglio printmaking.

Intaglio is a traditional printmaking technique in which marks are scratched or etched onto a surface such as copper or steel, creating grooved lines or textures that ink is trapped within. The ink is then transferred from the textured surface of the plate onto paper when passed through the press.Through this process, the paper is transformed and given a sculptural quality that is virtually impossible to achieve via any other process.

Within this beautiful technique there are a multitude of mark-making possibilities and every artist finds their own method of expression, such as sharp lines, gestural brush strokes, photographic imagery or gritty textures and scratches.

These endless possibilities are multiplied when artists work with colour. Printing with colour can be technically challenging, but the artists in this exhibition have all found ways to experiment and develop processes that harness the transformational power of colour and colour relationships.

Some works dazzle, and play with perception, others are representational and emotionally charged. Some may evoke a sense of place or memory, while others are abstract or psychedelic.

Image: Brian Eno, 'Helica Cadmium Red (Heads)', 2018, etching on Velin Arches 400 gsm in an edition of 25.


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