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exhibitions & events 2013

Carla Scott Fullerton - Occupying Forms

Carla Scott Fullerton - Occupying Forms
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 5th July – 18th August 2013

Preview: Thursday 4th July 6pm-8pm (Trongate 103, 1st Thursday)

Occupying Forms - Carla Scott Fullerton

Carla Scott Fullerton’s sculptural practice incorporates the raw materials of buildings - cement, glass and steel. Architecture and the built environment are a key influence on her work, from the ways different types of architecture can sit beside each other to its materials, forms, shapes and functions.

Viewing herself primarily as a sculptor and with a sculptural approach to printmaking, Scott Fullerton’s engagement with printmaking began with her incorporation of etched steel plates into her work. She then began printing with those etched plates, and this exhibition sees her further exploring the medium of print through digital printing, chine collé and screenprinting onto glass.

Within the gallery, the works will be placed to respond to each other as well as to the exhibition space. The title of the exhibition reflects this duality of the work within the space and the forms within the work.

Image: Carla Scott Fullerton, ‘Untitled, 2012’, etching with chine collé, image size 36 x 51 cm.


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