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exhibitions & events 2013

Glasgow School of Art - Fine Art Practice (MLitt)

Glasgow School of Art - Fine Art Practice (MLitt)
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 11th May - 23rd June 2013

Preview: Friday 10th May 6-8pm

Sumin Bak, Ary Cahyono, Omercan Cirit, Conor Cooke, Ruaridh Crighton, Mitra Forouhar, Elisabeth Grant, Birthe Jorgensen, Mine Kavuncu, Jeemin Lee, Branko Lesjak, Si Ne Lee, Emil Lillo, Qiheng Liu, Sheena Mayer, Aoife McGarrigle, Steph Norwood, Joanna Peace, Marta Perovic, Iede Reckman, Michelle Semple, Suzanne Taylor, Christopher Thomas, Rongwei Zhang.

The recently established MLitt in Fine Art Practice at Glasgow School of Art is an intensive one year programme of postgraduate study in which students specialize in one of four pathways: painting; printmaking; sculpture; fine art photography.  As the work on display in this exhibition suggests, this means that some of the artists embark on a focused exploration of their chosen medium, whereas others begin to challenge the very limitations conventionally associated with that medium. Thus some sculptors may explore the potential of new materials and techniques to produce three-dimensional forms, whilst others may work with photography, sound and performance.  Similarly, some painters may develop an abstract language of pure pictorial form, whereas others may introduce found objects or other extraneous elements into their works. In all cases, however, the work is driven by a desire to explore new possibilities.

The MLitt is delighted to have the opportunity to exhibit at Glasgow Print Studio.  Links between the Glasgow School of Art’s postgraduate students and the extraordinary local art scene continue to energise all parties and help maintain Glasgow’s international reputation as a leading centre for contemporary art.  In only a few months time this international group of young artists will complete their studies and begin the next phase of their careers as independent artists, and this exhibition provides a timely snapshot of their current position as they move towards their future . 

Image: Conor Cooke, Making Distance the Right Way Round, Photograph, 2013.


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