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exhibitions & events 2013

40/40 - 40 Years 40 Artists

40/40 - 40 Years 40 Artists
Glasgow Print Studio, First Floor Gallery
Exhibition Runs: 24th August– 13th October 2013

Preview: Friday 23rd August 6pm-8pm

40-40 logo

In 2013 Glasgow Print Studio will have been supporting artists in the making of prints for 40 years.  We celebrate this landmark with a suite of prints that is representative of both our published artists and our artist members.

GPS invited 20 working members to make a print in an edition of 40. These artists are professional and committed to their practice, and publish their own limited edition prints using the workshop facilities.

The artists whom GPS publish work for, are high profile artists with international reputations who collaborate with our Master Printers to make work.  We invited 20 of our published artists to produce a print in this way, also in an edition of 40.

The 40th Anniversary Suite is a high quality series of art works that represent the full range of artists who use GPS in all the different ways, and working with all the different techniques, that are made available by our studio.  It will be contained in our archive, where it will be accessible to educate and inform our future members, artists, collectors and buyers, of our achievements in fine art printmaking.

40-40 artists

Claire Forsyth interview

40-40 catalogue

A fully illustrated colour catalogue priced £10.00 accompanies this exhibition.

To order or reserve a copy please email or call 0141 552 0704.

Image: Bruce McLean, 'A peeled and carefully faceted Golden Wonder sculpture against a two grey background', screenprint, 92 x 72 cm.


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